Pearly Music

    5 Jan 2010

    "Is This It" (2001) by the Strokes

    Is This It is a hard rocking album. Julian’s edgy, slightly distorted vocals and the lo-fi guitar riffs drive this record forward, strengthening it and making it a raw, heavy record.

    Is This It could very well be one of the most joyful, rocking, rhythmic and intense records ever. All eleven tracks are powerful and simply good rock and roll songs. This album has reinvigorated rock’s obsession with having a good time, bringing radio’s attention from DJs and pop-tracks of the late 90’s to rock and roll. It paved the way for other bands such as the Libertines¬†and Franz Ferdinand.

    There’s really not much more to say about this record. Its hard, edgy rock will blow your face off. ‘Nuff said. Oh, and don’t ignore the title track.

    Choice tracks: Is This It, Barely Legal, Someday, Last Nite